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A legion formed to accomplish any task by any means necessary. There is no honor... only blood, sweat, and tears. Daevas from all walks of life are welcome, but Crimson Fury is not for the feint of heart. We are a legion for hire, to do that which others are afriad or too proud to do themselves. We work in secret, known only in public as a reliable mercenary group. Our services are open to all, so long as they have the kinah. There are no rules, no expectations except to refrain from talking about the legion, our clients, and our methods with non-members.

Welcome to Crimson Fury! This legion started as a legion for members of Avenging Angels on the server Zikel (now Tiamat), who had Asmodian alts on Israphel. I have since expanded the legion to become a part of the Israphel RP community. The legion remains mainly as an Alt legion. A place for our characters that may serve many roles or act as an "NPC", all for RP purposes. We have a mix of PvEvP and RP characters on our roster. This is a good place for any alts you have that do the "dirty work" for others. Alts from any and all RP legions are welcome. There is no legion lore, your business is your own.

In need of an alt to play a character in your story? Need a secret agent? A date to a dance? Someone roughed up? Any need you may have for a minor character, we can help! Just send a message or whisper in-game and we will find a fit for you. Because of the possible graphic or adult language or themes, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Apply here on the site or whisper Aetheriana in-game. My alt, Lunathena is the Brigade General of Crimson Fury.
If you have any questions, please send me a PM. Happy Hunting!

-Lunathena (AKA Valreth and Aetheriana)

As a member, you are solely responsible for your character. The legion will not interfere with anything nor will the legion take responsibility for your actions. However, if the legion gets word of your character getting out-of-hand, you will be kicked from the legion, and depending on the severity of the situation, reported to Aion GM's if necessary. The purpose of this legion is to help develop stories of other RP characters and have fun. Additionally, if anyone does have an issue with a member, I will listen/look into the situation personally.
Guild News

Legion Emblem and Swimsuit Dyes!

ValrethZ87, Aug 27, 11 6:02 PM.
Just posted some ideas for our Legion Emblem, so GO VOTE! Or give suggestions. Also, swimsuit dye images are posted!


Veteran Rewards for Month 24: Eternal Daeva!

ValrethZ87, Aug 22, 11 9:41 PM.
NcSoft has just announced the Veteran Rewards for month 24! 

Month 24: Eternal Daeva

  • 5 Plat Medals 
  • 3 Crowns 
  • 5 Morarti’s Remedies 
  • 4 Revival Stones 
  • 5 Felicitous Socketing Supplements – Eternal (100% success-rate)
  • 1 Expanding Inventory & 1 Warehouse Ticket 
  • Lucky Wings

To see the full article/post:
Aion Veteran Rewards via AionSource

I hope you're as excited as I am. Can't wait for Sept. 22nd to arrive!


Crimson Fury Asmo Site Live on GuildPortal!

ValrethZ87, Aug 7, 11 8:01 PM.
<Crimson Fury>Asmos [Israphel] Now live! I'll be continuing to update the site as much as possible. ^.^ If you have any suggestions, please post them on the website suggestion thread. Thanks!

Game News
This legion is currently recruiting Asmodian RP Alts from Israphel server.
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